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Magoffin Middle School is located in the heart of northeast El Paso, within close proximity to Ft. Bliss Army Base and Biggs Airfield.  Magoffin Middle School is named after James Wiley Magoffin, An adventurer at heart, James Wiley Magoffin braved the frontier to become a successful, respected trader and businessman in Mexico and the United States in the 1800s.  James Wiley is best known for arranging for the "bloodless conquest" of Santa Fe during the Mexican-American War.  Though he loved Mexico, he made extensive land purchases along the Rio Grande and created the settlement of Magoffinsville around 1849, a forerunner of present-day El Paso and an early site of Fort Bliss.  James Wiley is remembered for his love of his family and his dedication to western expansion.

In 2006, Magoffin Middle School opened the doors to a new building.  It stands just feet away from the old building which opened in 1956.

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