NHD UTEP Competition

NHD UTEP Competition
Posted on 04/02/2017
Through research, discovery, cultural, and social experiences of the past they created a website, exhibit, or documentary. This year there were 200 individual and group entries from 400 middle school students who participated.
Group Website: Jesse Owens: Taking A Stand Against Discrimination 
By- Carlos Acosta, Camila Contreras, & Luis Corral
Group Documentary: The Infamous Salem Witch Trails of 1692 and How They Challenge Those to Take A Stand
By-Maya Martinez, Dessirre Herrera, Maryanne Vargas, & Claudia Morales
Group Exhibit: Taking A Stand against the Ku Klux Klan
By- Allan Iniquez, Araly Chairez, Valeria Canales, & Vicky Valdez

William Mimmack Award for Outstanding Entry on the Importance of the Humanities in History went to: Tanibeth Benitiez for her Individual Documentary entry- Diego Rivera VS. Rockefeller Center.

Another Special award goes to 3 individuals who won 1st place Group Documentary and will be representing Magoffin & Region 19 at our Competition in Austin in April - Jaedin Calanche, Bryan Monarrez, & Rene Maltos in their Group Documentary entry: Rappers  Taking A Stand Against Oppression