Campus Improvement Team

Campus Improvement Team (CIT) is established on Magoffin campus and designated as the advisory campus-level planning and decision-making committee to the Principal.

The CIT is involved in decision making in the areas of:

  1. Goals and Objectives
  2. Curriculum
  3. Budget
  4. Staffing Patterns
  5. Staff Development
  6. Organization
  7. Needs of Special Populations
  8. Crime Prevention and Intervention
  9. Parental Involvement

2015 -2016 Campus Improvement Team

Committee Role
Name Position
Administrator Rogelio Segovia
Business Representative

Business Rep
Classroom Teacher
Frederico Bravo
Science Teacher

Classroom Teacher
David Cortez
English Teacher
Classroom Teacher
David Holguin
Math Teacher
Classroom Teacher
Saadia Melonson
Elective Teacher
Classroom Teacher

Community Representative

Middle School Literacy Coach
Teresa Lopez
English Teacher
Non-Classroom Professional

Parent Lisa High
Teacher Leader Literacy 6-12
Angelica Calderon