Calderon, Angelica
   Welcome to the Texas Literacy                       Initiative
         Magoffin Middle School

 EPISD Goals for Texas Literacy Initiative

  1. Increase the oral language and pre-literacy skills of participating preschool children.
  2. Improve the performance of participating K-2 students on early reading assessments.
  3. Increase the percentage of participating students who meet or exceed proficiency on the State English Language Arts (ELA) assessments in grades 3-12.
  4. Increase the use of data and data analysis to inform all decisioTLI @ EPISDn making in participating districts, campuses, classrooms, and early learning settings.
  5. Increase the implementation of effective literacy instruction through Literacy Lines.



This is the message we are trying to get out to our students at Magoffin Middle School.  Reading is a crucial part of our education, regardless of the subject.  Reading is required in every subject from Math to Art. In addition to the reading, it seems that every subject has its own specific style of reading, science being more analytical and literature (depending on the type) is more fluid and full of imagery.  Therefore, we at Magoffin have taken up the initiative of campus-wide reading and literacy in ALL contents.