Camacho, Carla

Ms. Camacho

As a teacher, my main goal is to inspire, help, guide, encourage, and motivate students about education. The way that I will achieve that goal each school year is by having my arms wide open and let the students come to me for their needs. 

Helping and guiding students will always be on the top of my list each and every single day. I will help students with their homework, get organized in school, set goals, change their misconception in Math, and most important help student to believe in themselves. There is no limit of the amount of help and guidance that they could receive from educators who are willing to be there not only as a teacher but as a mentor.

For my students, you need to give your best and have a POSITIVE attitude every day. Being your last year in middle school you need to be a responsible young woman/man and not give up. I will do my BEST to help you out but you as well need to stay positive. Lets make this year your BEST year in middle school.





7:45 – 8:34

8th grade Math


8:38 – 9:23

8th grade Math


9:27 – 10:12

8th grade Math


10:16 – 11:01

8th grade Math


11:01 – 11:31



11:35 – 12:20

8th grade Math


12:24 – 1:09



1:13 – 1:58

8th grade Math


2:02 – 2:50

8th grade Math


2:50 – 3:35


The following is required in order to succeed in my class. 



  1. 1 pack No.2 pencils- ALL work must be done in PENCIL!!!
  2. 1 pack wide-ruled paper
  3. Three-ring binder (2 inches)
  4. Sharpener & erasers
  5. Pencil Pouch
  6. 1 box of Kleenex


Classroom Expectations

  • Be on TIME.
  • Be PREPARED for each class.
  • Be RESPECTFUL- (towards yourself, your peers, your teachers, school, and personal property of others)
  • Be an ACTIVE learner- (give your best effort, seek help when needed,


  • BEHAVE appropriately (per student handbook)



  1. Verbal warning
  2. Student/teacher conference w/ call home
  3. Changing seat assignment w/ call home
  4. Parent/student/teacher conference (if needed admin.)
  5. Office Referral


Grading Percents:

Assessments:                                                             10%

Quizzes:                                                                     15%

Homework:                                                                15%

Interactive Notebook                                                           15%

Daily Work                                                                40%






Homework will assign throughout the year. All work must be completed and turned in by designated due date. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED!

Be HONEST and trust worthy. (Cheating will not be tolerated for any reason.

Do your OWN work without copying or cheating.)


Missed Assignment and Make-up Policy

There will be NO make-up opportunity if student fails to turn in assignment on time or if the absence is unexcused.  If the ABSENCE is EXCUSED, student must make arrangements with teacher to make up assignment.


Students are responsible for collecting makeup work for any excused or unexcused absence(s). Students have 3 consecutive school days to turn in make-up work. Late work will not be accepted. MAKE-UP WORK is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILY!